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W123- Chrome Cowling Refurbishing- By JustJim123 [Benz Care]
Requested and Answered by Buckrey on 05-May-2007 03:20 (6764 reads)
W123- Chrome Cowling Refurbishing- By JustJim123
Hi all,

Found some old DIY photos on my old W123, thought I'll share since there's not much DIY activity around lately. So here we go, a Step-by-Step guide to Refurbishing a pair of W123 Chrome Cowling by yours truly:

Obtain a pair of W123 Chrome Cowling from the Chop Shop

Step 1 - Clean the Cowling with slightly moist cloth

Step 2 - Using Soft99, polish the chrome "Edge" but NOT THE "Grill"

Step 3 - Applying Masking Tape (Top only)

Cowling complete with masking tape

Step 4 - Apply black paint (Enlist help from a certain mechanic friend)

Step 4A - Spray paint Cowling Bottom first

Step 4B - Spray Paint Top of Cowling

Step 5A - Leave to dry under hot sun

Step 5B - Then flip to dry the other side

Step 6 - Remove masking tape

Step 7A - Finish product, before n after

Step 7B - Admire the other side

Step 8A - Remove the old and install the new

Step 8B - Ditto on the other side

So there you have it. For what its worth, the above procedure is strictly "Kampumg Style". Anyone got better idea, please feel free to post here. All comments (and criticism) are welcome. Thanks for reading my elaborate post.

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