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W210 - Replacing Water Pump - by Faizalza [Benz Repair and Maintenance Tips]
Requested and Answered by Buckrey on 06-Mar-2007 22:22 (6912 reads)
W210 - Replacing Water Pump - by Faizalza

Remove the engine cover by unscrew each nut at both ends

Pic(18)Unscrew the radiator drain nut

Pic(19)Let the water flow out. Be careful, the water is hot

Pic(20)Remove the air filter housing and access the expansion tank. You would want to clean it first.

Pic(22) Remove the connector sensor

Pic(23)Remoce the bearing dust cover from the tensioner

Pic(24)Unsrew the 4 nuts from the water pump pulley

Pic(25)To remove the belt and the pulley housing, you need to use a 15mm spannar and forced it down anti clockwise

Pic(26)Belt removed and the water pump is visible

Pic(27)Unscrew and detach all connecting host

Pic(28)Unscrew and detach all connecting host

Pic(29)Unscrew and detach all connecting host

Pic(30)Unscrew and detach all connecting host

Pic(31)Unscrew all nut that is holding the water pump. Please be extra careful when doing this. Please remember the nuts sizes and locations

Pic(32)As you see, there are 4 types of nuts. Put them in order.

Pic(33)With a soft knock of a wooden hammer, the water pump is dismantle

Pic(34)The OEM and the original. The manufacturing date on the original gone as far as 96....WOW

Pic(35)The other side of it

Pic(37)Using a scrapper, scrap of the old gasket carefully. You do not want them to get into you water system

Pic(38)Put a film of liquid gasket(some call it GUM)on to the water pump

Pic(39)Place it back to the original position and screw it back.

Please tighten the screw like how you do it on tyres. PLEASE DO NOT SCREW IT TOO TIGHT. YOU MIGHT DAMAGE THE SCREW LINING

Pic(41)Water pump replaced

Pic(42)Connect all the water hoses and tighten all the screws

Pic(43)Install the pulley housing back to its place and screw it back in

Pic(44)Place back the belt.

Place back the water expansion tank and also the air filter

Use original Merc coolant.Per bottle is 1.5 liters

The box of the OEM water pump. PAT ON MY BACK..HEHEHE

Click here for the full pictorial version

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