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Wiper system..wiring or something else( W124 , W1... [Benz Repair and Maintenance Tips]
Requested and Answered by Buckrey on 14-Sep-2005 00:35 (7549 reads)
Wiper system..wiring or something else( W124 , W123 ) - by NPK
My wiper started to go crazy y'day. Refuse to run properly, go over a bump, it works. After 10 seconds, mati.

I decide to take a good look at it this evening. THREE long hours.

W123 also wanted to know where is the wiper relay located. My 124 has an integral relay that control the lights and wiper. It is located behind the fuse box(driver side). It is a LONG relay(about 4") and black in color. I lupa nak copy the numer but recall that it started with "126......."

With the intermittent problem, I suspected that the connection may have came loose. The connector is located UNDER the motor and I have to remove the WHOLE wiper assembly to access to the connector.

Since the whole assembly is out, I decide to disect the motor and give a close check.

It is not too difficult to disect the motor. I cleaned the rotor where the carbon brushes are located. Greased the bush bearing.

The next area was the gearbox. In the gearbox, there are also contacts for the wiper to "Park". I cleaned those contacts too.

Install the assembly and everything went gila. The wiper parks at different places. WHAT HAPPENED?????

Went gila for a while, gave up. Took dinner but food was TASTELESS!! Wife, Doris, asked what happened....told her that things went crazy.

When back to workshop after dinner. "Studied" the "parking" of the wiper. It parks at 2:45, 1:00, 11:00 and 9:45. Don't worry abt these position.

I found out that when I put back the wiper, the actual park position against the drive sprocket was not aligned. This causes the wiper to park gila2.

After about 5 or 6 trials, the wiper park at 12:00. I found it!! I just have to shift the sprocket position to 2:45(the actual park position).

So if your wiper park gila2, two things...1) the park contact points in the gearbox is fouled 2) the sprocket against the wiper arm is NOT in the correct place.

I am not sure what is the problem with W123 wiper.

Have you guys seen W123 here? If not can someone tell him to visit this forum. He may find his answer here.

Sorry, another LONG post.


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