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Digital Multimeter for checking charging of Alter... [Benz Repair and Maintenance Tips]
Requested and Answered by Admin on 12-Sep-2005 07:37 (4304 reads)
Digital Multimeter for checking charging of Alternator- by npk
I would like to share that a digital Multimeter(kat Pasar Road, you can get them for less than RM20) can be used effectively to check if the alt is charging or not.

The usual devices to check charging of Alt could cost more and susah to (some may be risky) use. You may have to disconnect battery terminal to run an ammeter accross the terminal and the connector.

By using a digital MM, set the voltage range(mine has a 20 VDC range). Place the probe to the respective terminals

Without the engine running, mine read at 16.98VDC, once the I start the engine, it went to 17.34VDC. This shows that the Alt gave additional voltage to "put" current into the battery(ie charging the battery).

You may ask why not a normal analog MM. The Analog MM could not show the difference or you may not be able to see the difference on the dail.

These days, the analog MM and digital MM are about the same price.

I use MM in diagnose electrical stuff...from checking if fuses or bulb blown to major car and home electricals. It replaces the "test-pen" too.

It may be worth keeping a digital MM at home or in your office.

Tapi, those that cost a little more can tahan lama sikit. Also jgn jatuh.


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