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Just bought a 1983 300 D and love it!!! But, th... [Benz Repair and Maintenance Tips]
Requested and Answered by WOLFMANTOM on 05-Sep-2005 05:40 (3511 reads)
Just bought a 1983 300 D and love it!!! But, the oil pressure gauge pegs/maximum (3+) upon acceleration and stays at max until gas pedal is completely released?
Thanks Tom

My Blue TE is also the same...OK what...what is wrong with that?

It shows that the engine is good condition. If the pressure is low, the wear and tear area(contact surfaces) are badly worned.

I was worried with this "problem" but after looking at the cross section of the oil flow diagram, the situation is not that bad.

To me, low pressure is something to worry about.

If the oil pump is in good condition(ie. efficient with low losses and clearances in the bearing areas are tight, the pressure should be high)

Mine is "worse". If the accl is totally off, it comes down to 2 bar +-. I tot the gauge or sensor ade problem but checked, nothing is wrong.

If Tom want to see lower pressure, he should use a lighter eng oil...maybe 10W-30, depending what he is using now.

By e22ragrizz
My W124 has same problem. Once engine starts, it stays at 3 regardless of transmission engage ke, idling ke or accelerating. Only comes down when engine switch off. Sometimes, stays at 3 even when engine off! Ah Tee had a look and told me the gauge sometimes stuck ( past the limit of the range). If I turn on the power again but not start the engine, the needle goes down. So, the flow of electricity is there. Gauge needle overshot it's upper limit i think.

by W123:

Based on my w123-230E and the w123 forum response, the pressure gauge should read 3 when car is moving and drops to around 1-2 when idle particularly when the engine is hot. When engine is cold and idle it should be closer to 2-3.

When its idle hot and drop <1, then there's a problem I was told.

The type of oil use can affect the pressure. Some say don't use synthetic some say its OK....

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