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W126 - 300SD - Injector and Injection pump cleani... [Benz Care]
Requested and Answered by Buckrey on 04-Apr-2005 03:22 (6416 reads)
W126 - 300SD - Injector and Injection pump cleaning
If you are like most normal drivers and have more than a few miles on your diesel car then it is probably time to clean the injectors and injection pump. Over time the injector nozzles, piston and pump will get deposit build-up of carbon and varnish. This is a normal occurrence on engines that DO NOT use a diesel fuel additive in every fill up, or just an engine with lots of miles. Slow stop and go city driving creates deposits much faster than highway driving. Please note these buildups can occur on any internal combustion engine, whether it burns gasoline or diesel.

Often times on older higher mileage diesels, it helps to CLEAN the injectors and injection pump. This process is relatively simple for the DIY person. I am not talking about just dumping some liquid into the fuel tank and driving away. While that is part of any good "prevention" program and should be done, we will learn today to clean the components directly. Let me show you how I performed the cleaning process on a Mercedes 300 SD. The results can be very dramatic in terms of more power, less smoke, easier starting and better acceleration. Please also note that this process can be used on any diesel that is not common rail injection. Just keep in mind that after knowing the basics of your particular engine such as, where the fuel lines are located, which is the supply and return lines and why we do this, you can do it yourself on any diesel engine.

So lets get started:

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