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DIY Change tyres - By Sandman [Benz Repair and Maintenance Tips]
Requested and Answered by Buckrey on 04-Apr-2005 03:06 (3089 reads)
DIY Change tyres - By Sandman
DIY Change tyres
Damn, had a flat RL tyre today and only realised that when I reached home. Called up the 24-hour road assistance (Pan Global) and according to the receptionist they didn't offer assistance after 10pm and asked me to call back tomorrow morning at 9am... duh... @#$%^&*

So no choice but have to change my own tyres (which is my first time... )

Took out my spare tyre, jack, wrench, a hammer (seriously you'll need it), WD-40 (you'll gonna need it too) and a precision screwdriver (to pry open the jack hole ------> izzit the right term???) Well, anyway, if it's a rear flat tyre, place a brick or wedge at the front tyres, or vice versa.

Loosen the lug nuts by using the wrench, of course, turning them COUNTER CLOCK-WISE. This is going to sweat a bit. Most of the nuts are tightened using air pumps and they're going to be very very tight. You have to be a body builder or hercules to remove them. Not to worry, spray some WD-40 behind the nuts and wait for 1-2 minutes to allow the lubricant to penetrate. Then try to loosen the nuts again but not to remove them entirely, just one or two turns will do.

If you still can't remove the nut after spraying WD-40, just place the wrench at the nut, use a hammer/brick to knock the end of the wrench and try loosening it again. Be sure to knock hard.

Then, use a screw driver to remove the jack hole cover, near the tyre at the side skirt. There's a cap covering the hole. Remove he cap, place your jack into the hole and start jacking the car up. Loosen the nuts completely and be sure to hold the tyre while removing the last nut because that tyre's gonna drop and hit you! Ouch... had a bump on my fore head

Place the spare, tighten the nuts using the diagonal method, lower the car, tighten the nuts again, put the flat tyre in the boot, bla... bla... you're on the road again.

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