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W126- 1989 560SEC- Cylinder Head Removal and Repl... [Benz DIY Project Tips]
Requested and Answered by Buckrey on 04-Apr-2005 02:58 (4391 reads)
W126- 1989 560SEC- Cylinder Head Removal and Replacement (heavy DIY)
My 1989 560 SEC with around 180,000 miles was been plagued with the typical puffs of smoke on start up. In an attempt to fix the problem, I replaced the valve stem seals a while ago, which cured the problem for a few months. While doing the seal I noticed that the #4 exhaust valve guide was loose, I could actually turn the guide.
Finally I decided, it was time to pull the head and have them reconditioned.
Note: When I say puffs of smoke on start up, that was basically to only time I would see smoke and I wasn't consuming much oil. I would add maybe 1 quart between oil changes (3-4k miles). If you are adding much more oil than that and see smoke while you're driving you're probably burning oil, which may suggest lower end (block) problems, which is not covered in this write up..

My car is a 1989 US 560 SEC with a 117.968 engine. The procedures that follow apply to this vehicle and engine, Iím not sure how they may differ across other W126 vehicles and 117 engines. This write up is meant to be used as a reference only and not the actual procedure. Use the Mercedes 126 Engine Service Manual as the actual procedure. Also this is a very involved procedure and should only be attempted by individuals with advanced auto mechanical skills with all the necessary tools.

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