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W126-1989 560SEC - Starter Replacement [Benz Repair and Maintenance Tips]
Requested and Answered by Buckrey on 04-Apr-2005 02:52 (3578 reads)
W126-1989 560SEC - Starter Replacement
The Problem
I was having an intermittent with my 1989 560SEC (1 out of 20 times) starting the engine. When I was engage the starter the starter would just spin and not turn over the engine. When I released the key I could hear the starter stop spinning and just before it stopped I could hear the starter make a clunk sound and stop. I would then try to start the engine again and it would start right up. I found the starter's end pilot bearing was gone and the tip of the starter case was worm from the starter shaft flopping around (Fig1 & Fig2)

The Job
There are 2 12mm bolds that secure the starter to the bellhousing, the top bolt could not be reached with dropping the exhaust system. The precat in directly in the way. I removed the entire system, because I had some other work to do which require access to the drive shaft.
- Start by disconnecting the neg. lead to the battery.
- Securely jack up the car front end and support on heavy duty jack stands.
- Spray some WD40 on the 2 nuts that secure the precat to the manifold. These nuts are attached to the manifold.
- Using a long extension and 13mm socket with swivel, very carefully break the bolts loose from under the car. Work the bolt back and forth allowing the WD40 to work its way around the threads. Take your time and be patient, it will loosen up to where you be able to use you fingers to unscrew the bolt. You DEFINITELY don't want to round off the bolt head or break it off.
- Disconnect the two power leads to the starter.
- Using a 10mm allen socket and breaker bar, loosen the 2 starter bolts and remove. Lower the starter from the front.
- (I have not reassembled yet as I got a question about some parts that came out that I'm not sure about)

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