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W126 - Drooping Headliner Repair [Benz Care]
Requested and Answered by Admin on 29-Mar-2005 03:43 (4547 reads)
W126 - Drooping Headliner Repair

Over time and harsh conditions, the headliners in the coupes (and I suppose other models) start drooping or sagging. This condition is seems to be accelerated by driving with all the windows down and sliding roof open, with all the wind turbulence in the cabin. Mine started as a small patch (couple square inches) sagging in the back last year. Throughout this spring and summer I've been driving with all my windows open (since installing the one-touch controllers, Bergwerks plug..) and the sag has gotten much worse (Fig-1).
The interior headliner panel is composed of several materials. First it starts with a rigid (heavy cardboard) shell that conforms the the inside of the car's roof and supports the headliner. Then a rigid foam layer is applied to the cardboard that (I would imagine) acts as insulation to sound and to outside temperature. Then the fabric/vinyl exterior surface, the part that separates and sags. The rigid shell and foam layer very well bonded and I saw no signs of separation. Around the perimeter of the sliding roof, the fabric wraps over the edge of the opening with a thin layer of foam rubber protecting the fabric. The foam rubber is glued to plastic strips, the strips are secured to the roof by metal tabs and the fabric is glued to the foam rubber.


My headliner fabric itself appears to be in good shape (no tears, no real bad stains, not faded, etc). I felt I could simply reglue the existing fabric. After cleaning the fabric a little.

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