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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2018/9/30 0:48
Benzo mania
Joined: 2007/8/7
From: Shah Alam, Cyber Jaya, Sunway
Posts: 20053
Benz Model: S320L, E240, C200

Salam semua,

During our recent TT Session, I took Mdameer’s newly acquired E Class AMG for a spin. Just love the car. So, I told him if he has any more leads, please let me know.

Earlier this week, I got a phone call from him. There’s another mint condition E Class and the owner is another Mybenz's member who operates and owns a reputable workshop owner in Shah Alam.

Based on this lead, I called up the owner (we both have known each other in cyberspace for more than 10 years, he has known me as *Mabel* and I know him as *Professor*) requesting for his car VIN. Upon receipt of the Vin number from him I run a check at *Mercedes Benz website* to understand the history of the car.

Most wine experts will agree that the quality of wines tends to be associated with the year and where the grapes are produced. Similarly, the same analogy can be applied for Mercedes Benz. From the report, I found out that the car was produced at its main plant in Sindelfingen, Germany. Beside Germany, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are also manufactured or assembled in 30 countries across the Globe. From this report, I can get a pretty good idea about the specification of this car. Here’s the detail if you want to know more. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz

Based on the VIN information, I decided to pay a visit to the Professor's workshop. His workshop is servicing mostly high-end marquees mainly Continental and Japanese cars. Based on this information, today I decided to pay a visit to Professor’s workshop. His workshop is servicing mostly high-end marques.

Test drive the E Class with the Professor sitting beside me and my Home Minister at the back. As we were heading towards the highway, I notice the exit road is under refurbishing hence it was an excellent opportunity to test the suspension system. I was delighted to see that the suspension is capable of soaking up potholes and rough roads. For your information, Mercedes-Benz has two types of suspension systems. Fortunately, this car comes with *DIRECT CONTROL* suspension which is a traditional steel-spring suspension that can be adjusted from in the car to maximize comfort or performance on varying terrain. The other option is the more expensive Mercedes-Benz *AIR BODY CONTROL* air suspension, which uses the DYNAMIC SELECT feature to switch between driving modes.

Most new Mercedes-Benz vehicles usually come standard with steel-spring suspension. It is the most common type of suspension in passenger and commercial vehicles because it is relatively inexpensive, simple, and has been known to outlive the cars it is put in. When the comfort mode is chosen, Mercedes-Benz vehicles will raise the vehicle up a few millimeters and loosen the suspension to absorb any bumps in the road. This mode is great for long trips on the highway. Hence, the drive today was very smooth on the highway beside good handling for such a big car. The Michelin tires was changed just last year, and the car came with an excellent paintwork.

The leather seats are in excellent condition and supportive and are comfortable during our test drive. Air condition works even at the back seats since there’s an air condition vent for those seating at the back. There’s plenty of legroom at the front and back. Everything is in working order and the interior is clean. This car has a new original windscreen and comes equipped with 2 DAS3 keys with 1 Master plus additional bonus (which is very seldom when you buy a Mercedes Benz); the *emergency key* that you can keep in your wallet. The owner upgrades the *ICE* (In Car Entertainment) to the Pioneer Soundsystem. Although the speakers are big compare to my current Mercedes Benz, there’s still ample of space to put our luggage bags at the trunk if you hit for vacation trips. Steering wheel and internal trims come with lovely Walnut Wood and the best part is you can control the ICE and the car computer system at the tips of your finger even while you are driving, just like the *F1 Drivers.*

The car comes with Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic (also called 722.6) which is an electronically shifted 5-speed overdrive automatic transmission with torque converter lockup which is the same as my current S Class. This 722.6 is one of the most reliable gearboxes in the market. My current C and E Class are using the 722.4 4-speed 4G-Tronic transmission.

Unlike my current S Class which is using the Mercedes Benz I6 M104 Engine (the most robust I6 engine), this car is equipped with Mercedes-Benz V6 M112 engine. It was the first V6 engine ever built by Mercedes and this V6 platform has been adopted for the Mercedes F1 W05 engine which has won many races since 2010. This M112 V6 engine is built in *Bad Cannstatt, Germany.*

According to Professor, the Gearbox and Engine have been refurbished into pristine condition. Hence the engine is impressively quiet and smooth when I was driving the highway.

Before I concluded the deal, I asked the Professor what else need to be done to the car. He informed me that there’s a hairline crack at the manifold and the car steering rack has started to show some indication of breathing. I appreciate his honesty since these two issues can never be seen by naked eyes. Based on this information, I make my final offer and Alhamdullilah, the deal was concluded mid this week when I banked in my down payment.

Alhamdullilah, received Puspakom certification yesterday. The car has been serviced and body has been polished. Since Professor will be traveling, we plan to complete the transfer of name next week. The car is now kept in his workshop until we complete the transfer of name.

I’m planning to name this car as Madeline (a variation of Magdalene who according to the biblical narration is one of Jesus ’s disciple). In Shaa Allah, Madeline will be my 6th Mercedes Benz’s acquisition. She will join her other siblings:
1. Mabel (S Class-S320L)
2. Mabellina (E Class- E230)
3. Megan ( E Class -E220)
4. Mabelline (C Class- 190E)
5. Mercy (C Class- C200).

May Allah bless this car just like my other Mercedes’s collection and as he did with Rasulullah SAW Camel, Al – Qhaswaa. Aamiin


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm
Take time to read. It is the fountain of wisdom
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