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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2010/12/6 16:16
Home away from home
Joined: 2008/11/18
Posts: 173
Benz Model: w124 230e
Top 10: Unwritten Rules Of The Road

No.10 - Defer to superior
Your GTI will be thoroughly smoked by the GT-R next to you if the guy so chooses; donít provoke him into a race you canít possibly win. When someone has a superior car, defer to it. Donít screw with him, even if you admire his ride and just want to see and hear it pull away fast. If a superior car is in your way, just pass safely and spare the theatrics. Your dignity will thank you for it.

No.9 - Show respect when parking
In this unwritten rule of the road, itís how and where youpark that matters. Look, the lines in a parking lot are there for a reason. Stay between them -- evenly -- and youíll minimize door dings while actually being able to exit without contact. As for the guys who park in the far reaches, understand theyíre doing it for a reason. Even if itís a crap car, give the other guy some room.

No.8 - Go easy on two-wheelers
If you havenít tried getting around on two wheels, you ought to give it a shot. Bikes and motorcycles each deliver a unique riding experience that canít be duplicated from behind the wheel of a car. And until youíre outside the four-wheel isolation chamber, you wonít appreciate a downside to cycling -- and thatís how other vehicles sometimes treat you. If being cut off or tailgated in a car is annoying, it can get downright frightening on a bike. Watch for them, and allow space.

No.7 - Give heads-up on radar
According to USA Today, the recession could cost you in a way you never imagined: a speeding ticket. The article links strained budgets with lower tolerance for exceeding posted limits, even by just a few miles per hour -- so much for warnings, right? Not necessarily, if you follow the unwritten rule of the road by giving heads-up on radar. Though weíre not condoning speeding or trying to interfere, we also appreciate a couple of quick flashes of lights from oncoming traffic around a speed trap.

No.6 - Donít block lower vehicles
When you have a truck or SUV, you tend to sit higher and have a better view of the road. That alone is a big part of the appeal (of course, the more there are, the less advantageous the higher altitude, but we digress). Still, not everyoneís bought in. Crossovers and conventional cars are still on the road, and they need a fair shake to see and be seen. Preferential treatment isnít necessary; just try not to block carsí lateral view when you can help it, like at driveways and intersections.

No.5 - Stop to help breakdowns
Thereís nothing wrong with a healthy sense of self-preservation, but itís OK to offer help when someoneísstranded on the road, even if itís just calling a tow truck for them. If you were driving before cell phones existed, youíve probably been on both sides of this unwritten rule of the road. Itís still a good one to follow, as long as you use your judgment: grandfatherly type in vintage roadster = probably harmless; dude in hockey mask with a molester van = be wary.

No.4 - Donít dawdle at the pump
If you watch auto racing, you know all about fast pit stops and how critical they are. Donít you wish gas station stops would go as quickly? Forget 12 seconds, sometimes youíre lucky just to get your turn in 12 minutes. As an unwritten rule of the road, dawdling at the pump is not permitted. Gas up and go. If you want to check your oil and wash your windows while on the phone before abandoning your car to shop inside for an hour, fine. Just pull away from the pump first.

No.3 - Dont block the fast lane
The left lane is the passing lane -- get in, get out. At least thatís the urban legend. Too often weíre seeing the left lane as a place to mindlessly drone along. Try that on the German Autobahn and youíll come home without a vital organ or two. When someone wonít relinquish left lane dominance, othersí patience runs understandably thin and things can get dangerous with tailgating and risky attempts to squeeze past. Even if you donít like faster traffic passing you, look at it this way: Theyíll flush out the radar for you.

No.2 - Donít jump the line
As much as we despise offenders of our previous unwrittenrules of the road, thereís no excuse for jumping the line either. When approaching toll booths, merging into traffic or for lane closures, donít be a self-important douche. Seriously, if you save any time at all, itís usually negligible. So, signal your lane change, donít cut off, and show thanks when youíre let in. While youíre at it, give big trucks a flash of the lights when theyíre trying to get in ahead of you to let them know they have enough space.

No.1 - Drive at the speed of traffic
Our biggest unwritten rule of the road is driving at the speed of traffic and consistently staying within a 5-to-10-mph range. Itís not an ďeveryone else is doing itĒ endorsement of speeding, because weíre saying you shouldnít go too slowor too fast. The idea is that going with the flow keeps the flow going. You donít get stuck in clusters of cars or create them while reducing the risk of collisions between vehicles traveling different speeds.
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