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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2009/5/12 19:32
Quite a regular
Joined: 2008/7/23
From: Sri Petaling
Posts: 56
Benz Model: W203 M111
Sad and Dissappointment
dear all members,

On 9th May (Wesak day). I sent my car to Millennium for repairing the misfiring problem. Found out there was oil around the plugs and coil. So I was advised to change the oil seal, and was told that the spark plugs were OK. I was happily to drive back although waited for whole day. But who know, the misfiring problem came again. Then i called to Millennium, he asked me to send the car on monday cos 5pm already. No choice have to wait for monday.

On monday 11th May, I "pandai-pandai" went to change my spark plugs(tot is spark plugs problem) at speedworks. But i found out that my coil and plugs still have oil !!! So i quickly sent my car back to Millennium. They changed another brand new oil seal again.

The sad part start from here. The misfiring keeps on happening only on 1st cylinder and the engine will jerk 1-2sec after start the car. They changed and swapped the plugs and coil, also cannot solved. Changed fuel filter also, and one of the coils was accidently broke(working fine) when repairing. I have no choice to leave my car there for them to solve the problem.

So today (12th May), I called them in the morning, was told not solved yet. They were trying their best to solve it. I waited until evening, they called to me to collect the car. misfiring problem was solved and the weird jerking when start the car couldn't be solved. No choice I paid for the fuel filter and the coil(broke by them ) at a discount price . After 30 minutes drive back home, my car was jerking even when idle. I called them again. You know what. They asked me to send my car to C&C to check :( They are out of solution.

I appreciated they spend so much time for checking my problem. But really disappoint that they can't solve it.

Should I send to C&C or other merc service center?
Posted on: 2009/5/12 20:21
Certified Benzitos
Joined: 2008/4/6
From: KL
Posts: 1868
Benz Model: W124 230E
Re: Sad and Dissappointment
Must be so frustrating!

Take it over to AhSang @ Wilayah Auto if you would like a last shot before going to C&C. Speak AhSang personally and get him to give you an oppinion, I'm sure he'll take the time to listen and won't charge you.


Posted on: 2009/5/12 20:37
Wise Benzitos
Joined: 2007/3/30
From: KL
Posts: 1160
Benz Model:
Re: Sad and Dissappointment

Sad to hear what had happend to you. If i were you,
i might just send to C&C for further repairs since Millenium cant solve your problem better go to the experts.
Which Millenium Merz you went?

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious,
and adding the meaningful"

Posted on: 2009/5/12 22:49
Quite a regular
Joined: 2008/7/23
From: Sri Petaling
Posts: 56
Benz Model: W203 M111
Re: Sad and Dissappointment
Adi's place ...
Posted on: 2009/5/12 23:13
Certified Benzitos
Joined: 2008/5/28
From: SAlam
Posts: 1876
Benz Model: W203 Av, W212 AMG
Re: Sad and Dissappointment
ken, sad to hear what had happened to you. MM should be able to repair or comeout with the solution (but not just by telling going to C&C) and very surprised when heard they couldn't. Who did your car?

Membership ID: 3089

Posted on: 2009/5/12 23:30
Founding Member
Joined: 2005/3/1
From: section 13 shah alam
Posts: 5999
Benz Model: W210 E230 Elegance
Re: Sad and Dissappointment
hello kenloke

as they say, customers are always right, no matter what...

i had a similar problem and it was solved...turned out to be an ECU problem that caused the misfiring...in my case, the jerking became so bad that the engine died...re-start not a problem.

anyway, MM Shah Alam's response to yr situation was a big surprise to a regular customer like me. since Adi is also a member here, perhaps he'll respond to yr post soon.


lets build friendship thru knowledge sharing

Membership Number: 6

Posted on: 2009/5/12 23:47
Quite a regular
Joined: 2008/7/23
From: Sri Petaling
Posts: 56
Benz Model: W203 M111
Re: Sad and Dissappointment
it's not good post his name here ...

he really tried his best to solve the problem i think ...

but really shocked that he told me to send my car to C&C ...

Posted on: 2009/5/12 23:48
Quite a regular
Joined: 2008/7/23
From: Sri Petaling
Posts: 56
Benz Model: W203 M111
Re: Sad and Dissappointment
ECU can cause misfiring too ??? then i should send my car back to MM to let them check again ....

should I ???
Posted on: 2009/5/13 7:26
Quite a regular
Joined: 2008/6/4
From: Kota Kemuning
Posts: 43
Benz Model: 190E 2.3/W204 C200
Re: Sad and Dissappointment

tubular wrote:

Sad to hear what had happend to you. If i were you,
i might just send to C&C for further repairs since Millenium cant solve your problem better go to the experts.
Which Millenium Merz you went?

Tot Millenium ARE the experts???

Anyways,it would be great for you to get a 2nd opinion or help.......

190E 2.6 / 190E 2.3 1988 Cosworth / 2008 W204 C200 / 1999 W210 320AMG and A160
Any problems??

Posted on: 2009/5/13 9:45
Promo Masta
Joined: 2006/11/27
From: Setapak-Melati
Posts: 1348
Benz Model: W124 E220
Re: Sad and Dissappointment
kenloke, ur 203 silver color?

i was at Adi's place yesterday....

sad to hear yours.....get a second opinion (macam jumpa doctor gak)

Membership ID: 1085

Sole Survivor W124 E220

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