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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2013/3/24 1:02
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2011/4/11
From: Bangsar Baru, KL
Posts: 93
Benz Model: W203 C230k
W203 Aux-in port
Guys, just wanted to update you for the COMAND on the W203, I've been reading a lot and trying to figure out how to connect my iPhone into my car's stereo without having to invest RM 2k on a China made player. The cable part is A210 440 50 05. You can order it from Proauto but you need a deposit. I actually got Chong from Benz Smart Car Care in Sunway to order it and fix it for me. Best thing now is that I can remove all the CDs from my car and listen music from my iPhone/iPod or any other MP3 player as it connects with an AUX cable.

[img]AUX-in cable photo photo2.jpg[/img]

Here's a pic of the installation process:
[img]AUX-in installation photo photo-1-1.jpg[/img]

Final result:
[img]iPod in W203 photo IMG-20130323-00083.jpg
Posted on: 2013/3/24 12:28
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/6/25
From: TeeTeeDeeEye KL
Posts: 159
Benz Model: C207 E250 amg
Re: W203 Aux-in port
Nice job....but mine got no command front-end
so gotta stack CDs in the changer still!

"Better BEWARE, we are already losing the nation"

Posted on: 2013/3/26 16:30
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2010/2/1
From: Kuala Lumpur
Posts: 149
Benz Model: W124 and W203
Re: W203 Aux-in port
This is good!

How much for the cable?

How much did Chong charge for installation?

Many thanks

1990 W124 230E
2005 W203 C230K Avantgarde SE

Posted on: 2013/3/26 20:14
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2011/4/11
From: Bangsar Baru, KL
Posts: 93
Benz Model: W203 C230k
Re: W203 Aux-in port
Yes, it was a good idea, can't believe I waited two years to look for this cable. Yes, you can contact Chong at 012-372 6866 and tell him that Henry recommended. He just did it for my car last week so he should know the part and pricing. I helped him find the diagrams for the installation so he charged me "member" price to help me install it. However, for those who are more DIY types, you can actually install it quite easily. However, this means removing the side airbag,which I preferred to leave it to the pro.

When I inquired at Proauto, they said it was under RM200 but I needed to put a deposit. However with Chong, I convinced him no need for deposit as I send both my cars to him for servicing.

Give him a call and check the price. I'm not sure how much he will charge, probably will be cheaper if there's a bulk order as he needs to order the part. Took 3 weeks for mine to arrive.
Posted on: 2013/4/5 19:36
Just popping in
Joined: 2012/2/21
From: Midland, UK
Posts: 16
Benz Model: w203,facelift,6mt
Re: W203 Aux-in port

I'm a newbie here in this forum but I have something to share psl Aux Cable ni.

Saya mmg plan nk install aux cable ni, tgh mencari di UK sini, tapi ada mcm2 jenis connector la pulak. Confusing. Dari forum2 lain, cara nk pasang agak senang (kalau ada peralatannya), just bukak cover plastic kt pintu (bhgn front passenger, yg ada tulis Mercedes etc), then remove footwell kick panel. Yg ni yg tricky kot dorang kata, sbb agak susah. tapi yg pasti x pyah remove side airbag pun.

Complete ways to do these ada di sini:


Saya dh Berjaya bukak plastic cover dgn glove compartment cover. Cuma x Berjaya nk bukak footwell kick panel sbb x de tools.

Kalau dh Berjaya, kene cari white harness connector (ada dlm link kt atas) bawah carpet. Then pasang dan wired ke glovebox.

Kalau ikut dlm the first link tu, connector dia ada 4 connections. Boleh x mintak tolong bro ston3r verify connector sama x dgn yg kt sini:


Harap dpt membantu dan dibantu.



Well, sedikit update, sy dh Berjaya pasang AUX cable dlm my W203 facelift model (2004).

Saya tak belipun the cable, just bukak plastic cover di pintu, korek punya korek cable AUX yg mmg dh tersiap di situ, potong sama dia punya connector, dan sambung dgn audio jack yg saya rembat dari PC punya line in cable. Temporaryly, saya sambung je guna black tape (sbb susah nk solder, tak de portable soldering iron), wired ke centre console.

So, skrg saya dh boleh dgr musik2 dr M'sia di bumi UK ini. Kalau ada sapa2 yg perlu guide, boleh Tanya.

(Niat di hati smp M'sia nanti nk pasang Dynavin + reverse camera, ada sapa2 bleh bg komen?)

Posted on: 2013/4/25 11:32
Just popping in
Joined: 2013/1/26
From: Putrajaya
Posts: 3
Benz Model: W203 C200K 2006
Re: W203 Aux-in port
Dear Friends

Thanks a lot for sharing the info-graphic and a very creative way to install ipod jack. I saw the snapshot but mine C200K elegance asia spec. Not UK spec. Is it the same way of installation I must do. Meaning that I must open the left side cover rather than right side cover to find a AUX pre install output jack?

Please advice?

1 more thing the part number should be the same with UK spec. isnt it?

Anyway I just spoke to Mr Chong, he told me labour and part installation will charge me around RM200. Not really cheap I think. But Mr Chong professional.

So now I have an optional, self installation or install at CFuu Bandar Sunway.



Posted on: 2013/4/26 20:38
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2011/4/11
From: Bangsar Baru, KL
Posts: 93
Benz Model: W203 C230k
Re: W203 Aux-in port
Actually your Jap spec car should not be different than local ckd or UK spec car as all are right hand drive. So your aux input will be in the exact same place as mine in the diagram.

If u are a DIY person, then u should try installing it yourself. As for me, I would leave it to Chong as I'm satisfied with his workmanship.
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