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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2010/8/18 2:35
Just popping in
Joined: 2010/4/2
From: Serdang
Posts: 19
Benz Model: w124 200E
hi guys ,
my info

Name : Richard
Nick : Vinilex
From : serdang mali, kadang kala petaling mali
Age : 32...interior contractor

great to finally own a w124 , dulu bapa ada w115, then w123 but sold off due to financial reason. miss them both. currently looking for a good w123 230E auto for my dad. as a collection for him. very hard to find one nowadays

as for me, i am looking for a w124 TE wagon. also susah mau nampak satu on the road.

first own charade, then iswara then wira.. now MB ( came in a good time, i travelled abt 20K Km in 10weeks thru whole peninsular already. tarak problem besar, cuma aircond prob..now da repair

hope to meet up for TT
Posted on: 2010/8/18 5:33
Just popping in
Joined: 2010/5/15
From: Perlis, Malaysia
Posts: 12
Benz Model: W211 E200K Manual
Assalamualaikum and hello everybody...

Azizul here, 31 years young, from Loughborough, UK. Currently doing my PhD at Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Dept, Loughborough University.. in my third year now...

originally from Beseri, Perlis.. working as a lecturer at School of Mechatronic Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis...

joined this community on May this year when I was started looking for a Merc, at that time I was thinking of buying a C class... but ended up buying an E class about a month ago...

will be hunting for another Merc soon, and this time it will be an A class for my wife.. either A150 or A170 2005 onwards with price tag of 6000 or less...

i think that's all from me for now... cheers...
Posted on: 2010/8/19 0:28
Benzo mania
Joined: 2007/8/7
From: Shah Alam, Cyber Jaya, Sunway
Posts: 20052
Benz Model: S320L, E240, C200

Lovely !


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm
Take time to read. It is the fountain of wisdom
Membership Number: One Nine Seven Seven

Posted on: 2010/8/19 10:05
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2007/11/27
From: Seksyen 6, Petaling Jaya
Posts: 91
Benz Model: W140
I wanna share also

Name : Zulhilmi
Nickname : Sherlock
Age : 22
Status : Single
Work : Student
Current Car : W140 S280
Previous cars : W124 200E
Why I luv Car : Beacuse of Mercedes
Posted on: 2010/8/19 22:57
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2009/2/25
From: Kubang kerian ,kelantan
Posts: 23
Benz Model: W124 200E
Assalamualaikum and hi everybody....

Ambo pun nak share jugak...
Name : Fadily
Nickname : fadily
Age : 27
Status : Married
Home : Kubang Kerian , Kota Bharu
Work : Goverment (in Rantau Panjang)
Current Car : W123 230E , W124 200E , Kancil 850 and Proton Waja
Previous cars : Proton Wira and Ford Spectron

To own Mercedes was one of my dream when i'm still in school.
Now , i own not one, but two mercedes... My dream came true.. heheheh (even the car is modern classic.. hehehe.. for me ,satu permulaan yang baik)

Next Plan: To own W210 and W201 (insyaallah)

Anybody want to shopping in Rantau Panjang , can contact me, we can have TT..

Posted on: 2010/8/19 23:03
Benzo mania
Joined: 2007/8/7
From: Shah Alam, Cyber Jaya, Sunway
Posts: 20052
Benz Model: S320L, E240, C200

Brilliant !

Keep it coming.. the more profile we have here...the merrier it will be .. after all it's for our references..

We need to deliver before making our Recommendation No.5 to Admin to make this thread sticky.

For those who are still thinking, make yourself heard!

Just tell us what you want us to know. We love to hear from you.

Keep it coming guys...


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm
Take time to read. It is the fountain of wisdom
Membership Number: One Nine Seven Seven

Posted on: 2010/8/20 0:49
Quite a regular
Joined: 2009/3/27
From: Bogota, Colombia
Posts: 52
Benz Model: W203 C200K Sport
Name : Zach (still not full name)
Nickname : hir_ruslan
Age :27 yrs
Status :Single
Work : oil and gas
Current Car : w203 C200k Sport version and next week my Pug 3008 is coming out. Both in malaysia with my mum
Previous cars : proton megavalve and wira
Location: Bogota, Colombia but originally from rawang ( surprise to see number of members from rawang)

Enjoy doing ICE but unable to do anything in my car as both still under warranty. Merc is always my dream car..and bought it at the age of 26.

Posted on: 2010/8/20 1:27
Home away from home
Joined: 2010/1/26
From: Bambu River in Selangor
Posts: 181
Benz Model: W211 E240 2.6cc V6
wa. I like


Posted on: 2010/8/20 1:53
Home away from home
Joined: 2010/1/26
From: Bambu River in Selangor
Posts: 181
Benz Model: W211 E240 2.6cc V6

Name : md amin ishak
Nickname : belalang
Age : Fall to Level 5
Status :Married wt 1W & 6 S/D (3+3) > keep waiting for title of Dato status by early 2011 (cucu la)
Work : close to be a free man

Previous car (in order) > Daihatsu Charade (new), Nissan 130y, Mitsubishi supertouring, Mazda 626, Ford spectrum, nissan 130y again, Nissan Bluebird, Ford Ghia 2.0, Citroen Evasion MPV (new), Citroen C5, Wira (wife nye), Civic EX.

Current Car : Citroen Evasion / C5 / Wira / W210 E240 V6

Next Car (too close yet so far) > W211 E240 V6 & C203 200k (for wife)

location: Sg Buloh, Selangor DE.

mai sama2 doakan, k


Posted on: 2010/8/20 11:45
Home away from home
Joined: 2009/11/19
From: Johor Bahru
Posts: 227
Benz Model: C200K W203
Who am I?......Dr. Who.....hehe

Name: Nasir
Born in Perak.
Age: above 50's...
Status: Married.
Profession: Higher Education/Plastics and Rubber Technologist
Home and work: Johor Bahru.

Previous cars:

Citroen, Civic 1.3, Golf (UK), Audi 80GLS(UK), Audi Quattro (UK), many Honda Accords 2.0, 2.2, BMWs E30, E36 (these two a tail-happy car), Civic 1.7, Daihatsu Charade, Nissan Sunny, Honda City.

Current cars:

-Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo (The best ever, permanent all wheel drive, very reliable, go anywhere, very fast (removed

speed cut) very stable at high speed (excess of 200kph) - approved by Jeremy Clarkson, will keep for long although a guzzler - my ride
- W203 C200K* (steering too light can never go straight, must hold with two hands, unstable above 160kph) - wife
- and these two town cars: Kelisa and Kenari

* never interested with the brand before this due to the synonyms " ahpek, taokey, uncle, orang tua.....etc".

......... that 's why I chose W203 C200K......he he...

- Running, weekly run 60 km, compete in local runs, 10 km, 21km, 42 km once a month in KL or anywhere in Malaysia. My motto are "You can do it" and "healthy mind in a healthy body - Anima Sana In Corpore Sano". I was a smoker, stopped smoking in 2004 then picked up running after that till now.

- DIY - mechanic, electronics, woodworking, home improvements etc.
- Swimming, fishing, photography, traveling etc.

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