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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2005/6/13 9:28
Founding Member
Joined: 2005/3/8
From: Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Posts: 1358
Benz Model:
City Cycle Service Centre
Understand that many forumers are seeking for a good workshop to service or repair their MB. Therefore I have decided to start this tread for the benefit of all.

Have recommended my honest, friendly, knowledgeable and professional mechanic to many forumers. So far all those who have been to City Cycle under my recommendations have been totally satisfied with their services in terms of quality workmanship, knowledge in problem solving and repairs, friendliness and reasonable charges.

City Cycle Service Centre is run by Ah Tee & Ah Beng. Contact No. 013-3607613, 012-3137277, 03-7785 0727. They are located at No. 53 Jalan 9/152 Taman Perindustrian OUG, Batu 6, Jalan Puchong 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Directions to get there

1. If you are coming from Jln Kelang Lama, turn left in front of the police station. You are at the begining of Jalan Puchong. Drive along this Jln Puchong (abt 2kms) and you will see a big mosque, ESSO station, shell station and then at the third traffic lights you will see Hakitrade Chop Shop. All the landmarks are on your left. Turn left at this traffic light. After about 100 meters, take the first left turn. Then follow the road and drive all the way and then turn right. You are now on Jalan 9/152. City Cycle is the 3rd last shop from the end. Just mention to Ah Tee that you are a mybenz member.

2. If you are coming from Taman Kinara i.e. from Bintang Supermarket, drive towards Jln Kelang Lama. At the Project Station traffic Lights go straight up the flyover bridge. As you come down the flyover bridge you will approach a traffic light that allows you to turn right. Make the right turn and after about 100 meters, take the first left turn. Then follow the road and drive all the way and then turn right. You are now on Jalan 9/152. City Cycle is the 3rd last shop from the end. Just mention to Ah Tee that you are a mybenz member.

Would appreciate forumers like bukhri, putumayam, Harun, SYMD,samchui and others who have been to City Cycle to pen down your comments so that others may benefit too.

The reason why I am doing this is because 5 years ago when I started to own my first MB,I am just like many of our fellow forumers i.e. don't know where to send my car for servicing and repairs. Gone to some big names and some nearby workshops and got slaughtered left, right and centre. The worst part is repairs were not satisfactorily done. Then a friend recommended me to City Cycle and that was it. Although I lived in Kepong some 25 kms away from City Cycle there is no way I am going to send my car to another mechanic. If fact Ah Tee has customers who travels all the way from as far as Kota Bahru and Kuantan just to get their services. I strongly believe that I share what I have gained from a friend's recommendation.



Posted on: 2005/6/13 11:53
Wise Benzitos
Joined: 2005/3/30
From: Klang
Posts: 222
Benz Model: W124, 200E
Re: City Cycle Service Centre
hi to all fellow benz owner,

i had sent my 200E W124 to a few mechanics, before I actually give City Cycle a try, and as VINCHOR had mentioned, the mechanic Ah Tee is friendly but most important of all is a fair and honest guy.

I sent my car there and told him to check all over my car and tell me the problems and what I must repair, he take a look at my car and said ... this you have to change but can still use for sometime ... bla bla bla... and this must change and should change as soon as possible because it may cause you a lot of damage if it fails you. ... and he even told me that I should get a second opinion from some other mechanics about his comment if I am not convience or I could also send my car to my usual mechanics for repair, no hard feelings because you are introduce by Vincent .. ahaha ..

And his charges is very reasonable as compare to Karl Benz in PJ, RM Autoservice in Klang and Hua Auto in Sunway. As I could barely survive with my income, savings is very important to me.

So guys, send your car there for a second opinion before you repair it. The damage could be much lesser.

I promised Ah Tee that I would be there on Sat but couldnt make it ... the guys sure to screw me when I go there again .. cos I promise to be there to help .. hehehe ..

Well, that is how fast a friendship can grow when you trust the person.



Posted on: 2005/6/13 20:20
Founding Member
Joined: 2005/3/8
From: Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Posts: 1358
Benz Model:
Re: City Cycle Service Centre
Good to know that you have got to know them pretty well so fast. Ya loh, I was there this evening. Ah Tee mentioned that you "fong fei kei" (didn't turn up) but maybe you were busy. Wah, I hear that you also want to come in your gears to work together with him on your car. That's interesting.

Also when I was there I met CK Go. Apparently he has gone to City Cycle on my recommendations too. And the best part is he been there a few times already and has struck up a good friendship with Ah Tee & Ah Beng. Hope to see CK on our TT nite this Friday 17th June


Posted on: 2005/6/14 12:23
Certified Benzitos
Joined: 2005/5/16
From: Shah Alam
Posts: 129
Benz Model: W140,W203
Re: City Cycle Service Centre
I must say that I am very happy with his work, charges and honesty. Recently I was scared by this exhaust shop in Bangi, where I went to patch a small leak in the exhaust pipe, that my exhaust will drop off soon. Took the car to Ah Tee and he demonstrated that the exhaust pipe is still very strong. He took it to the welding shop next door to add extra plates on where the leak was and installed it back. No need to spend money unless you have to was his advice. The front exhaust pipe is almost RM1000. When I paid him, he gave me back RM5 for "minum teh" money. What a good guy!!! What more could I say but gratitude. Thank you Vincent.
Posted on: 2005/6/14 19:43
Founding Member
Joined: 2005/3/8
From: Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Posts: 1358
Benz Model:
Re: City Cycle Service Centre
Harun, I must admit that I felt the same way, the first time my friend introduced me to him five years ago. Initially I did not recomend friends to him as I want to test and see if his honesty is genuine. After three years, he was still the same jovial, honest and resonable guy. That's when I started introducing friends.

Thank you Steven Yong


Posted on: 2005/7/2 23:52
Wise Benzitos
Joined: 2005/3/26
From: Petaling Jaya
Posts: 4609
Benz Model: W201 ke?
Re: City Cycle Service Centre
Besides this Ah Tee guy, any other workshops that you guys have gone to and worth going again, especially in PJ areas?
Posted on: 2005/7/11 11:57
Joined: 2005/3/10
Posts: 39
Benz Model:
Re: City Cycle Service Centre
Does he do absorbers, alignment and stuff? Those non-engine related matters?
Posted on: 2005/7/11 17:11
DIY Master
Joined: 2005/6/14
From: PJ, Selangor
Posts: 769
Benz Model: W124 E220
Re: City Cycle Service Centre
Absorbers yes. Alignments no. He doesn't do tyres either.
Posted on: 2005/7/17 14:42
Just popping in
Joined: 2005/7/4
Posts: 5
Benz Model:
Re: City Cycle Service Centre
Is Ah Tee also familiar with the A-class A160. Just bought a second hand one. Need to send to Cycle&Carriage for a service and rectify some small problems. I know C&C will definitely charge a boom. Do you think Ah Tee is able to service A-class. Pls advise.

Posted on: 2005/7/17 19:56
Webmaster and Founding Member
Joined: 2005/2/12
From: KLIA
Posts: 1098
Benz Model: 280SE,260E,E280
Re: City Cycle Service Centre
Hi cchoi,

You can call Ah Tee at these number : 013-3607613, 012-3137277, 03-7785 0727 ,he's an ex C&C mechs .

Tell him that you are mybenz.org member, or friend of Vincent Hor ( Blue color 300CE benz ).

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