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   W211 E Class
     Headlamps Adjustments for w211
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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2017/8/5 23:27
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2015/5/24
Posts: 32
Benz Model: w211 E270CDI
Headlamps Adjustments for w211
Morning ,

Been having some problems adjusting the height of my W211 headlamp spread.

Both the self-leveling sensor (front and back) seems to be working and movement up/down is not restricted.

Right now , my headlamps spread are pointing downwards hence driving with low beam is difficult in dark roads. Of course with high beams , all is well,


1. How do we adjust this mechanically or electronically

2. Are there any specialist workshops who are familar with this W211 self - levelling headlamp system

3. Can this system be by-passed and we revert to the old reliable method i.e. mechanically adjust the height

THis systems seems to be a 'pain'
Posted on: 2017/8/6 8:03
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/9/18
From: Kuala Lumpur
Posts: 157
Benz Model: W203
Re: Headlamps Adjustments for w211
Headlamps with bi-xenon during this w203 and w211 era are made by Automotive Ligthing (AL).

There are screws (mechanical) to adjust the movement although they are self leveling (electronic). If the 'base' setting is incorrect the self levelling (electronically) will be incorrect as well. What self leveling is doing is merely compensating beam aim whenever there is load at rear. If there is load at rear, this will cause the headlight to tilt and aim higher.

2 screws on each headlight, one near the fender and another nearer to the grill. Both located on top of the headlight and black in color.
The up/down beam adjustment is located nearer to the grill side.This can be adjusted mechanically (i.e allen key or Philips screwdriver-model dependant)

Remember to turn slowly and check the position accordingly. You will notice increase for every half turn. Turn with care also as these are plastic screws.

Link to picture

Posted on: 2017/8/6 10:23
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2015/5/24
Posts: 32
Benz Model: w211 E270CDI
Re: Headlamps Adjustments for w211
Hi, many thanks. How do we set the base ? Mechanically ?
Posted on: 2017/8/6 15:02
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/9/18
From: Kuala Lumpur
Posts: 157
Benz Model: W203
Re: Headlamps Adjustments for w211
Most cars are using the same parameter for adjusting the beam. There are widely available by searching in Google and it is not a rocket science as deemed to be.

Most stock headlamp from factory is tuned for city driving. Usually, one may adjust slightly off the prescribed factory setting to suit the nature of driving such as higher for suburb with minimal street light.

I am sure than C&C or Hap Seng is more than willing to help you if you are not into DIY
Posted on: 2017/8/7 6:14
Not too shy to talk
Joined: 2017/5/18
From: sarawak
Posts: 26
Benz Model: W210, W211
Re: Headlamps Adjustments for w211

(1) you may reset the base line manually for the bi-xenon. open your bonnet and look for the black plastic adjuster screws. You will find 3 of them: 1 almost on top of the high/center beam, 2 almost on top of the bi-xenon light fixture. the adjuster screw down inside the 'hole' (next to the caution/lightning sticker) of the front metal frame is the height adjustment for the bi-xenon. the adjuster screw next to it is for the 'sideway' adjustment. The adjuster screw on top of the high/center beam is for the height of the high/center beam. My advise is to not overdo the height adjustment for the low beam as they are not designed to shoot as high as the low beam of newer cars. If you overdo it, the screw holding the projector unit inside of the light fixture may 'come off'.

make adjustment for one light fixture at a time. drape a towel over the other light fixtures so you can see how and where is the light actually pointing at. best to start with high beam setting so you will not end up setting the low beam too high and the high beam pointing to the sky.

once the adjustment is made, restart the engine with the car parked on a perfectly level ground to check the result.

(3) you may stop the projector unit from moving 'up and down' by disconnecting the power to the adjuster motor. open the big plastic cap on the back of the headlight fixture. you will see a rectangular light blue connector with tiny wires almost directly underneath the HID bulb. once you disconnect it, the projector will no longer move up and down.

hope this helps. personally i prefer to keep the automatic adjustment as it allows me to enjoy a fairly high headlight setting without the risk of potentially blinding other drivers.

Posted on: 2017/8/7 9:02
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/9/18
From: Kuala Lumpur
Posts: 157
Benz Model: W203
Re: Headlamps Adjustments for w211
Reference picture of the 3 adjustment screws A,B,C as described by btusulu in the link below.


(Picture is in the attachment of the 1st post)
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