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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2016/1/27 23:37
Joined: 2010/2/6
From: Johore Baru / Kulaifornia
Posts: 6220
Benz Model: W126 300SE C124
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E

myv6 wrote:
Hi rs,
KC is still in the detailing business. I read somewhere he took pictures of his relative's honda crv ans polish it to glorious shine. Maybe he is just too busy to post, but he is definitely still rocking with his rotary polish. .

And probably KC has found hia ultimate product, ONR, that he can comfortably work on.

Fortunately I wax every week, it kind of protects the paint from stones and flying sand.
Plus all that six months and a year written on the bottles are all rubbish, with our extreme weather nothing lasts more than a month


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Posted on: 2016/2/3 1:38
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/9/21
From: Cheras
Posts: 335
Benz Model: 230E W124
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E
You know what schenker, you are absolutely right. After i polished my dad's car, i put on a wax based hydrophobic coating, which is a very thick wax. It doesnt even last for 20 days, after waves of sunny and rainy day in that period. Reports coming up.
Posted on: 2016/2/3 2:15
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/9/21
From: Cheras
Posts: 335
Benz Model: 230E W124
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E
First Wash After 20 Days

Time to wash the car. Lots of black tar streak from the rains, as the car is parked outside during the rain.

I ran my finger across the black mark, and the dirt came pretty easy. It seems the hydrophobic solution did its job, preventing any dirt from sticking onto the clear coat, but sticking onto the wax itself.

After washing the whole car, water beading does not look too good on the hood. My cheaper carnauba car wax seems to hold the water beading better than the wax based hydrophobic solution (compare the water beading in the picture below with the hood pics at the first page). Then i look closely on the hood, and notice a very thin layer of dirt, almost tar like, spread across the hood, the roof and the trunk lid. Cannot be cleaned by soapy water and cloth alone.

Some good news though. All the vertical surface(doors and fenders) seems to be tar free (no black spot). The bumpers seems to be alright too.

I cleaned the thin layer tar with my carnauba car wax, seems to be working. I continued waxing the trunk lid roof and the hood.

In my opinion, the wax coating will not last long, definitely not more than 1 month, with our unpredictable weather of extreme sunny day and rain. On you hood, roof and trunk lid, the wax coating seems to be deteriorate faster compared to the rest of body panel. Therefore frequent waxing on your hood, roof and trunk lid is a must if you want your car easy to be washed. It seems i have to import in those glass coating solution soon.
Posted on: 2016/2/3 2:33
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/9/21
From: Cheras
Posts: 335
Benz Model: 230E W124
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E
This are the carpets from my waja. Couldn't remember when the last time i cleaned them. Nonetheless, enjoy the pics.

The offending articles:

First, i doused the carpets with 50/50 water to Osren all purpose cleaner liquid (apc), and let them sit around for a few minutes. Then, using my big muscle (pfft, really?), i scrubbed the carpet with lots of soapy water using berus sabut kelapa. If your carpet is really heavily soiled, spray some more apc and scrub again.

Then use a clean cloth to absorb excess soapy water from the carpet. When you are doing this, it is better not think of what you have stepped on in the past and bring it into the car. It would be easier that way.

Tadaa! Btw dont dry your carpet on your windscreen like i did. The carpet left some nasty water mark underneath. Luckily i managed to rid it.

That all folks and i catch you all next time.
Posted on: 2016/3/22 12:52
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/9/21
From: Cheras
Posts: 335
Benz Model: 230E W124
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E
Hi mybenzers, sorry long time no post. My detailing business has been running for almost 2 month now. Did some cars, not that many, but ok for me. Slow and steady as some of you guys fond to say. I did many myvis, not surprisingly. But then a black slk was in need for my manicure service. And i gave my best service to her, i mean it. I gave a complimentary Glade air freshener, and billed the company RM100. I satisfied with my work, so do they. Enjoy the pic!

Complimentary free gift

Before detailing session

After detailing session

When cleaning a convertible car, i will have to clean the area that is exposed when the roof is stored in the trunk. Rubber seal, the plastic headrest and the flat plastic panel must be looked at. Most customer will not notice the different, but having worked with car dealers, they have keen eyes for this kind of stuff.
Posted on: 2016/3/22 22:42
Certified Benzitos
Joined: 2006/8/8
From: Hamilton New Zealand
Posts: 487
Benz Model: W210 Avan ,W124 MP
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E
in 2010.. we used to have bro KC who shared wit us his passion as car detailer using ONR product.
heres the link from 2010


it is good as now we hav more members to go in depth into the arts of detailing of our beloved merc


Membership ID: 788

Posted on: 2016/4/8 2:08
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/9/21
From: Cheras
Posts: 335
Benz Model: 230E W124
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E
Hi mybenzers, how are you guys doing? I have been doing a few cars lately, but only one mercedes this week. It is a dark grey w204, been in and out of the canopy of the showroom, and got resprayed before i got to work on it. The paint surface feels rough, even though it looks fine from our eyes. I have to clay the whole car, and very murky water surfaced when claying. I used soapy water, but the solution itself just a little murky if left to dry. So the very murky water may have come from the surface contaminant of the paint. I continued the detailing process by polishing and waxing. The wax gave the colour of the car a bit darker. Charged the dealership for RM90. Enjoy the pictures!

Before Detailing

After Detailing

The lugnut holes and fender inside (banana leaf) were cleaned, to make the look of the car more focused. The watermark on the windscreen were removed.
Posted on: 2016/4/8 2:20
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/9/21
From: Cheras
Posts: 335
Benz Model: 230E W124
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E
Last time, i put on a hydrophobic coating on my dad's w124, and it didnt last long. This new coating i used on my waja and any other car seems to repel dirt far better than the hydrophobic solution. Have a look at the pictures.

Before Wet Towel Swipe

After Wet Towel Swipe

Yes, i know the lacquer is peeling on my car's bonnet. But that is for another topic. I have not washed my car for a month, just because to show you this. I used wet microfibre towel wipe off the dirt. The paint is still smooth and glossy. The special coating i use on my car is.... just wax. Carnauba car wax from China. It surprised me big time too (assuming you were surpised after you read the sentence before). Anything that lasts more than a month is good in my book. Even my money does not last that long!
Posted on: 2016/5/15 0:57
Benzo mania
Joined: 2007/8/7
From: Shah Alam, Cyber Jaya, Sunway
Posts: 20052
Benz Model: S320L, E240, C200
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E
Great job myv6 !

I did something similar to my 3 Mercedes. I sent it to Pit Stop

Thanks for sharing


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Posted on: 2016/5/28 1:23
Home away from home
Joined: 2007/9/21
From: Cheras
Posts: 335
Benz Model: 230E W124
Re: Car Detailing For W124 230E
Hi mybenzers, seems more members here adding more and more mercedes into their own garage. And since raya festive season is getting near, you might want to show off your hard earned car to everybody. Therefore, i am having a promotion for mybenzers especially exterior cleaning, polish and wax right at your doorstep, starting from 27th May 2016, till end of June. Prices are rm90 for all sedans and hatchback, and rm140 for mpv and suv. Travelling fee is excluded. So feel free to contact me at 013 3791 147. Hope to see you guys soon.
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