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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2012/4/19 3:30
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2012/4/18
From: Batu Pahat, Johor
Posts: 131
Benz Model: W204 C200K Sport
C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?
Hi all

I'm a student currently studying in the UK...i'm planning to buy a used C200K Sport (2007) to bring back to malaysia..
I'm considering a manual gearbox one (due to its low price)..but I wonder if that's a good idea..
Actually I do prefer auto to manual...but I think there's nothing wrong with manual (except the typical resale value reason)...but I did find two uneasy comments (videos) about a manual gearbox as you all can see here:

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FdLB3US3CI (min 1:40)
2. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/front_website/video.php?id=200421 (min 1:30)
3. and this one is taken from this link:
"The foot-operated parking brake is old-fashioned and a pain to use with a manual transmission, since you have to deal with four pedals in the footwell. The manual gearlever is cheap and resonates under acceleration. Combined with a slack shift action, it falls short of the mechanical excellence you’d expect from a sporting saloon. A springy clutch and a throttle pedal with a lazy response also numb the driving experience."

And one more thing, I can't find a used C200K Sport 2007 (Manual) in motor trader Malaysia...so that makes me wonder if I'll be the only person to have it in Malaysia (i hope i'm wrong)...and even worse, where do I get the parts if there are related problems (since everybody is using auto)?

Once again, the main reason for me to consider a manual transmission one is because of its low prices (£2k-£3k difference with auto)...and better MPG <-- just nak sedapkan hati

Please help guys...i do not want to have any regret after buying it..
Posted on: 2012/4/19 6:42
Certified Benzitos
Joined: 2008/7/9
From: Kelumpor
Posts: 1118
Benz Model: W203, W204
Re: C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?

With the kind of traffic we have in Malaysia, choose automatics. Unless you live in Rantau Petronas and work in Paka.

In terms of tax, Kastam do not differentiate manual or auto when calculating, so you don't get any bonus there.

Nevertheless, I know a friend who owns a W211 E200K Manual imported from the UK. He is still driving it and happy with it. He get offers from mechanics as it is manual gearbox, very rare in Malaysia.

The foot operated pedal is way up when brake is released, so I don't really see it as an annoyance. Who peeks down at the foot well while driving, you use your instincts.

The review is subject to the person's observation. If you really want to verify, test drive one and see for yourself if there is resonance etc.

But yes, it is rare for a manual.

And you'll miss steering pedal shifters fitted on some Sports.

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C220CDi, C250CGI

Posted on: 2012/4/19 9:05
Promo Masta
Joined: 2011/4/27
From: USJ
Posts: 1091
Benz Model: W201, W210
Re: C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?
the sifu has spoken....

good info here...


Posted on: 2012/4/19 10:41
Quite a regular
Joined: 2012/4/4
Posts: 58
Benz Model: c200k
Re: C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?

for me, it depends on where are am i going to use it later in malaysia and for what purpose.

if it is going to be in KL/Selangor for daily commute, then it must be an auto for me.

in terms of resale value, current price of £2k-£3k lesser will be compensated later with maybe rm10-rm15k drop. Hence, no appreciable effect i reckon.

hope that helps
Posted on: 2012/4/19 12:21
Home away from home
Joined: 2010/7/20
From: Shanghai/Shenzhen/Minsk/Dnepr
Posts: 4455
Benz Model: W210 E320
Re: C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?
As what the others have spoken, I say....get an auto.

I'm a manual guy thru and thru. Only my Benz is automatic. I hate slushboxes but an MBZ warrants an autobox since it fits the image of a er..Benz perfectly.

To further the argument, what you saw in the vid is correcto mundo. Also the fact that MBZ does terrible manual gearboxes. Longish throws and vague slots and dead clutch pedal. No offence to a buddy here, RAD who drives a 6spd manual 203 but I've driven the manuals (W203/W124/R129/W126) before and it sucks plenty.

But it's yer choice. If you test and like the manual. Go for it. Yer money, yer call. Depreciation wise, it could work FOR you since by the time you can and want to sell it on, the punters interested in a C-Klasse would prolly be younger guys who like the idea of a manual 6 speeder.

Money Drives Women Horny - Willie Nelson

Posted on: 2012/4/19 13:43
Certified Benzitos
Joined: 2010/8/2
From: ipoh
Posts: 1421
Benz Model: W201/202/203
Re: C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?

to me there`s not much difference between a M and an Auto.
all u need for a M is a strong left leg.
performance wise not much difference too except like u said
maybe the mpg on the M is a bit better.
the century dash pun not much diff. 0.5-1 sec quicker for
the M, but who on earth will notice that diff. if u
try it without a stop-watch.

my advice same like renn, my merc is my first auto car,
before this all are manuals(> 10 cars) and my GOD,
i should have bought autos`starting with my first car lagi.
(maybe dulu2 not much traffic jam jadi M kira ok la)

or maybe my age dah senja kot.....



Posted on: 2012/4/19 22:12
Benzo mania
Joined: 2007/8/7
From: Shah Alam, Cyber Jaya, Sunway
Posts: 20053
Benz Model: S320L, E240, C200
Re: C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?
Go for Auto...


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm
Take time to read. It is the fountain of wisdom
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Posted on: 2012/4/19 22:24
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2012/4/18
From: Batu Pahat, Johor
Posts: 131
Benz Model: W204 C200K Sport
Re: C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?
Hi all

Thanks for your reply and suggestion..I'm still young..and will not be commuting a lot in KL/Selangor (since I'm from Johor and will be working in Johor)...so that's why I'm okay with manual transmission...

But I guess for now my priority is auto transmission...tapi kalau dah rezeki kat manual, I'm more than happy to have it

Anyway guys, your views are very much appreciated...

One more thing (please let me know if I have to open a new thread for this), what are your opinions on having satnav in the car? I doubt it will be as good as in the UK...and can I install a reverse camera which will be connected to the satnav lcd screen (if I have one)?
Posted on: 2012/4/19 23:27
Quite a regular
Joined: 2008/8/13
From: Virginia
Posts: 59
Benz Model: W202, W210, W211
Re: C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?
Why car is call Automobil? Bcoz it is automatic + mobil=automobil. Not manualbobil. So go for automatic. You will regret if you choose manualmobil.
Posted on: 2012/4/19 23:35
Just can't stay away
Joined: 2012/4/18
From: Batu Pahat, Johor
Posts: 131
Benz Model: W204 C200K Sport
Re: C200K Sport - auto or manual transmission?

Sweetner wrote:
Why car is call Automobil? Bcoz it is automatic + mobil=automobil. Not manualbobil. So go for automatic. You will regret if you choose manualmobil.

haha..nice one
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