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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2011/7/5 2:24
Just popping in
Joined: 2011/6/8
Posts: 1
Benz Model:
Re: where to find an experienced tuner in KL
Hi Bikz2

We can offer you a fuss-free, warrantied, close-looped, UK-Technology tuning service for your SLK230Komp with a guaranteed increase of 30BHP together with an additional 50nm to your ride.
No cutting of your Original ECU harness or additional piggy-back ECUs, thus eliminating any risk of short-circuit.
Please contact our friendly crew Eric via sms/call at

Our Shop details are as follows:
Tuneattack Sdn. Bhd.
32, Jalan PJS 11/22
Bandar Sunway,
Selangor Dahrul Ehsan.

Services We Offer:
OBD-Tuning for almost all continental models either petrol or diesel powered (Alfa Romeos, Mercs, BMWs, Audi, Volkswagon, Skoda, Fiat, Ducati, Peugeout, Renault)

HID Kits & Replacement Bulbs - 4300k,8000k,10000k,30000k
HID Replacement Bulbs are also available at a low price for Audi & BMWs & Mercs.

Motul 300v Engine Oil (5w40)

Please call/sms for a no obligation quote, alternatively please feel free to drop by our shop for a friendly discussion.
Posted on: 2011/7/13 21:31
Home away from home
Joined: 2011/4/24
From: Kajang
Posts: 309
Benz Model: W204 C250 CGI AMG
Re: where to find an experienced tuner in KL
Where did U do your ICE?.. Mind sharing the cost u spent for ICE? Tq


bikz2 wrote:
hi, i'm new to this forum.
i own a SLK230Komp,
only have done up my body kit and ICE...
so now i would like to get more performance from it...

please advice me on how and where i can get this done?

thx in advance
Posted on: 2011/7/19 2:53
Just popping in
Joined: 2011/6/29
From: K.L.
Posts: 4
Benz Model: R170 230 Kompresso
Re: where to find an experienced tuner in KL
sorry for the late reply, have been busy working... not even enough time to check out the tuning places...
getting ICE done for this car was really hard... especially the sub woofer!
the Head-unit and components was done at Ipoh - they were pretty straight forward, but gotta make sure the speakers can fit at the door- the depth especially. the tweeters is a no prob.

but getting the sub woofer in was hard - mainly as there is no space in the cabin, and putting one in the trunk is not of the brightest option cause A) u cant put ur roof down no more, B) the sound would not travel into the cabin (roadsters and convertibles are built that way)

so i had to put it in the floor space at the passengers leg space... it was so hard to find some one who actually could, and has done it. and even then he insisted only 6.5inch woofs can be fitted in - which was a waste of money- no "oomph" at all. so finally after wasting money, and returning a year later, convinced them to put in a single 9-inch focal sub woofer in. that gives more than enough oomph in the tiny cabin.

the amp is fitted behind the passenger seat, a small amp is good enough.

i got these done at KK LAU, Subang (can google em)... go see the boss... he would remember the car...haha..

(such a long answer for such a short question...haha)
Posted on: 2011/8/8 18:54
Just popping in
Joined: 2010/10/11
Posts: 5
Benz Model:
Re: where to find an experienced tuner in KL
Dear bikz2,
The ECU of this engine takes only the air mass to calculate the required fuel quantity. Thus no ECU software upgrade is required for the M111 engine. The kit is either a complete crankshaft pulley (pre May 2000 model) or only a pulley ring, which is fixed on the excisting crankshaft pulley (post May 2000 model). The kit includes also a longer V-belt.

The pre May 2000 kit cost RM 5400 and the post May 2000 Kit cost RM 4400

All M111 (super charged) engines have a Mercedes Kompressor.

As to the question of the other member: Beside Kleemann products we can offer/arrange for any other products you wish.

For further info and/or questions here my e-mail address:


bikz2 wrote:
hi fritz,
thx for the reply. its really helpful.
but as the other forumer mentioned, is it just the pulley upgrade or the whole works including ECU remapping , air filter upgrade and exhaust upgrade?

and do all stock 230K come with Carlsson Kompressors?
and finally is ur shop open on sundays as well?
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